Rimini RF OP Toilet

Water Clock with side Push Button – Model 6032


  • One-piece WC that integrates the tank to the bowl.
  • Elegant contemporary design that enhances any space where it is placed.
  • Combines a powerful 3 “ discharge valve and a jet system that discharge tank in 3 seconds.
  • Powerful operating system that removes up to 1.5 lb. (700 gr.) With each discharge waste.
  • Closed ring bowl with directional holes that guarantees an optimum rinse of the bowl walls.
  • Round bowl that optimize the space.
  • Made of vitreous China which guarantees a brighter glaze and resistant to stain.
  • Includes: one piece toilet with chrome side push button, seat and fitting.
  • Five year warranty


  • Water consumption 1.6 gpf (6,0 Lpd ).
  • Toilet weight: 71.42 lb +/- 3%.
  • 12″ (305mm) rough-in.
  • 3″ flush valve.
  • 2″ trapway.
  • 8.38″ x 7.24“ (213 x 184 mm) water surface area helps prevent dirt from sticking to the bowl.

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Peso 32.4 kg