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Each person owns his favorite place inside the house, and the bathrooms have become the trend this 2019. But why have modern bathrooms become a trend? It’s simple, there you look for tranquility, relaxation and release the tensions of the day.

Taking into account that the bathroom becomes our favorite place to have a good time, it is important to renew it. Keep in mind that for this you need to make a large investment in time and money.

That’s why it’s important to plan everything before you start. Imagine and think the routine you do in the bathroom and what you need in each space. Make a list and establish a budget.

For modern bathrooms 2019 the accessories that take center stage are: soap dispensers, showers with heads on the walls and ceiling, tubs, jacuzzis, place for television, natural plants, among many other amenities.

To help you in this process of change, we give you a list of the materials in modern bathrooms that are recommended: wood, glass, large tiles (both in the floor or to coat the wall) and much cement or texture materials and color Similar.


Decorate your modern 2019 bathrooms with wood

Bring back the domain of nature in our homes. It is being used mainly as a cover for the shower floor, but the use on shelves and doors that give a sense of harmony is not ruled out.

modern-bathrooms-2019_woodA wooden base with stainless steel accessories, becomes an innovative and classy combination for the modern 2019 bathrooms. As an extra, accessories in gray, pink and white tones are included.

The presence of the clean and fresh texture of the wood, provides a touch of luxury to the composition.


Highlights the space with natural decorations

2019 is marked by the return of the organic and natural. The colors will be super clean, the lines seamless and the layout of the spaces will be practical and simple but with a touch of organic and elegant comfort.


Earthy materials such as natural stone and river stone are not simply being used for floors and walls, but the new bathing trend takes it to another level, placing them on countertops.

What is sought is to play with the majesty of natural materials and minerals that contrast each other, which offer us visual and tactile texture in a room that invites you to relax as soon as you enter it.


Add a touch of glamor with metallic details to your modern bathrooms 2019

In the trends of modern bathrooms 2019 metals offer glamor and contrast with natural materials. They reflect light and inject style, whether with an industrial touch or a touch of glamor.


Here, take advantage of marking your style by placing accessories according to your personality and taste. The marble cladding for the walls and metal accessories in shades of brass and gold is another trend that will make your bathroom look elegant.

Combine the organic with the modern.

In the image we see a bathtub of reduced dimensions, which is placed between the heat of the wood and the brightness of the ceramic tiles. A combination of complementary materials easy to maintain. A modern but homely composition.

The square sinks give a modern style, where they take advantage of some corners to include closet and organize key elements that you must have in the bathroom.


Ceramic will highlight your bathrooms

They allow us to create a sense of freshness that you need to have in your bathroom. In most cases it is recommended to use in the showers, since they give that magic touch when it crosses the water.


Handmade tiles.

They are custom handmade tiles. Beautiful for their imperfections, they infuse a rich texture, as well as visual appeal.

Tiles with creative patterns.

They are smooth and basic, but with a creative touch. For example, a classic spike design adds a dose of elegant appeal. Basket braiding patterns will also be popular in modern bathrooms.


Ceramic for the floor.

To renovate in style, the heating in the tiles can become your main ally. As a simple decoration you can replace the rugs with wool rugs, plush rugs, or Persian rugs.


Wooden pallets are also one of the great trends in the design of modern bathrooms. They are wonderful for bare feet, since it feels very natural, it is also an element to balance the hardness of the tiles.

Simplicity and minimalism are the kings in modern bathrooms. Join this new trend and turn your bathroom into your favorite place in the house.

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