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This season began with strength and luxury, where shades of gray and neutral colors mark a before and after in the trend of colors to decorate bathrooms in this 2019, which make a great return in the fashion scene.

If you use these shades in your bathroom, you will achieve an environment that will exude relaxation and avant-garde.

For those who show interest in the search for color combinations to decorate bathrooms, here are some ideas, according to the trends most used today.


Be elegant and sophisticated with bold touches

Black and white are a classic of colors to decorate bathrooms. The white color is considered the most sensitive to light, it represents clarity and cleanliness, in which we manage to symbolize: the absolute, unity, innocence, peace or surrender.

As white becomes a color of extreme power, when we mix it with black, we make it change its energies and go towards the positive and affirmative not only symbolizing elegance and nobility but also gives the idea of purity, modesty and simplicity.


Balance your temple

One of the colors that could become your favorite is green. It transmits a refreshing sensation and allows you to relax, inducing you to feelings of serenity and harmony. It is closely related to everything natural and symbolizes life, fertility and good health.

The glossy surfaces disappear and the mate is positioned as the favorite of the season. They usually accompany it with natural materials tiles and slate tiles.

A perfect combination for your bathroom is, lean for a cream or lime green tone, very soft, accompanied by opaque and white wood.


Give balance and sophistication to your bathroom

One of the colors to decorate bathrooms 2019 eventually used is gray. He shows us the transition between black and white. It symbolizes neutrality, and evokes the old. Its representation goes towards naturalness and calm.

Gray works great with a rich variety of shades and shades. In addition, you can give touches of color with accessories.

For example, you have the marble of pastel colors, wood or silver faucets these add elegance. Fresh colors such as blue and green are responsible for generating a soothing and calming effect, perfect for a relaxing bath.

And if you are not convinced by any of the options that we mentioned, take advantage of the metallic paintings, they allow you to give a greater attraction to the space and turn it into luxurious and minimalist bathrooms.


Provides tranquility and warmth

The colors to decorate bathrooms 2019 that are booming at the moment are matt and neutral.

In this color palette, we combine beige, browns, whites, to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

The choice of colors will depend on the type of bathroom you have.

For small bathrooms, white should predominate, with some beige touches.

Rustic colors give a sexy touch to old or old bathrooms, as long as they have wooden furniture.

For a casual and classic bath you can go for the low contrasts, with combinations with beige and black. But if you want a high contrast, use the combination of black and white, remember that it is perfect and also gives you the plus of elegant.



Combining colors to decorate bathrooms 2019, will always depend on your tastes. We simply gave you some information to help you in this difficult task. Now show your skills and leave your bathroom spectacular.

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