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We present the best ideas to decorate the bathroom in 2019, grouping the best tips with which you can highlight that space that is sometimes difficult to decorate, either for space or for the investment it requires.

Regardless of your tastes, we present a variety of ideas to decorate the most intimate space of our home: the bathroom.

In this tour we will see from the most minimalist to the most eccentric tastes, you decide which style is more suited to the idea you have in mind.


Ideas to decorate the bathroom: start with the basics.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects to start decorating our ideal bathroom, it will depend on how the aesthetic elements will stand out, such as: the tiles, the wash, the toilet, the shower, etc.

Keep in mind that if it is a very closed space you will have to find the best tones that adapt to the lighting, especially to help the light bounce, without absorbing it.


The mirror, the essential that can not miss.



Every bathroom should have a mirror, whatever its size. In this season 2019 the circulars are being used because they help to give a more modern style to the traditional square as part of the new ideas to decorate the bathroom.

However, its location has not changed over the years, over the sink and under the light. If you wish you can also place 2 lights on the sides and take advantage of the distribution of artificial light.


The walls should be light reflectors.


To take advantage of the lighting in our bathroom, we must bear in mind that the more illuminated you look, the more you will have the impression of having enough space.

The neutral colors are the most ideal, but do not worry about the background, we will tell you later how to integrate the elements of color that will make your bathroom shine.


The tiles, the touch of color for floors and walls.


There are different ways to decorate the walls one of them is to use colored tiles or designs to decorate one of the walls, it can be the bottom of the shower or where the mirror hangs.

You can use different types: rustic, unicoloured or with prints, this is one of the ideas for decorating the bathroom that are practical to decorate very small spaces.


The furniture a decorative element to free space.


When the space is reduced, the ideal is to implement furniture that can expand the bathroom spectrum.

The most traditional is the furniture located under the sink, however to save space you can implement placing them on the walls.

The pendants or openings help to reduce the space, they are also an excellent decorative so that our bathroom has a modernized look.


Decorative paintings and plants to give life.


An additional touch to give life to your bathrooms if you do not want to have many elements, is to use pictures to decorate a wall or use a small plant, this way you can give life to your bathroom and it turns out to be one of the ideas to decorate the bathroom more original of this season.


Minimalist spaces.


Now that we know what elements we must take into account to decorate our bathroom, we can create a minimalist space.

These designs are usually very neutral, and the decoration falls around the tiles in white, beige, black or brown. Depending on the background the decoration makes contrast and you will have a bathroom renovated and adapted to your style


Rustic bathrooms, from the modern to the wild.


Who does not like rural decorations? This touch allows our spaces to be more fresh, due to the wood decorations and brick and stone tiles.

Another idea to decorate the bathroom and harmonize these spaces even more is to use earth tone decorations to enhance your bathroom with a perfect cottage style. The decoration is usually accompanied by pipes, wood and beige elements such as cloths.


The color is the predominant.


If you want to have a lot of color in your bathroom, it is best to have a neutral background and your decorative elements would be the touch of color to highlight.

You can also do it in reverse, your walls full of color and ceramic in neutral tones as well as decorative elements such as the mirror and furniture.

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