65 Years of History 65 Years of History 65 Years of History

Our history can be resumed, about a man with vision, attitude and a unbreakable faith in Venezuela, who knew to change an failed investment in one of the most emblematical companies in the country, transforming it in an icon of quality, design and technology in the Sanitary ware market.

All began in 1955, in the valleys of Aragua, Compañía Venezolana de Cerámica C.A (Vencerámica®) initiated operations in the branch of porcelain, coating and tiles, but it wasn’t until 1962, when Mr. Eugenio Mendoza bought the plant and decided to produce sanitary ware of vitreous china products, receiving backup from an American company.

During this time, we have been leaders in the sanitary ware market controlling more than fifty percent of the local market with a local wide  net of distribution throughout the country, as well as having a



foreign acceptance, which place us as one of the trademarks, well recognized in the construction market.

In 2012, the company was acquired by a new investment group, who´s goals are to rescue the original standards of the company to continue growing with the Venezuelans in one of the most special places in a home, the bathroom. Today, with great pride, we reached our sixtieth anniversary and persist in offering solutions to make a bathroom a unique and exceptional place.

Today, Vencerámica® is best supplier and marketer of vitreous china products for residential and commercial applications for Venezuela and is able to supply the LatAm markets. Product lines includes two piece and one piece toilets, lavatories, bidets and urinals.